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New - Using Westlaw: Academic Learn Westlaw in 13 short interactive lessons

New - Research Exercises on Learn and practice new research skills while you are live on

TWEN Faculty Tour

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TWEN for IT Professionals
An introduction to the features of the West Education Network, the online extension of the law school classroom. Take the faculty tour, the student tour, or the tour for IT professionals

KeyCite Tour Leads you through a fast-paced, interactive look at the most current, accurate and comprehensive way of seeing if a case or statute is good law

KeySearch Tour Shows you how to use KeySearch to find the relevant legal topics and cases and statutes underlying them

Westlaw Certification Seminar Series Short, interactive tutorials on how to use the unique features of for research in these topical areas: Tax, Trademark, International, and Patent Law. Complete the program and become Westlaw Seminar Certified!

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West Integration Solutions (for law reviews and journals)

Westlaw Wireless
Wolf v. Pig

A humorous look at how West's Editorial Enhancements allow you to navigate within a case

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