These terms and conditions govern your use of our Product(s) (as defined below).

Definitions. "Product(s)" means Thomson Reuters Westlaw including Practical Law, Firm Central, West LegalEdcenter, software and/or hosted products to which your law school subscribes, and TWEN.

Click on "Agree & Complete Registration" below to complete the registration process. If you do not click on "Agree & Complete Registration", you will not be provided access to Product(s).

By clicking "Agree & Complete Registration", you represent that you are either (a) currently enrolled as a student in a law school class, (b) a recent law school graduate with permitted access, or (c) full-time or part-time/adjunct law faculty, law school administration, or staff. You warrant that you will notify us immediately if your status changes.

1. Terms and Conditions Governing Products

1.1 General Terms and Conditions, located at, apply to all Products. You may transmit Westlaw data electronically using a feature in Westlaw or print and share the Westlaw data as necessary in the regular course of use authorized under section 1.2, below. Access to certain data may be restricted. WE DO NOT WARRANT THE LIFE OF ANY URL OR THIRD-PARTY WEB SERVICE.

1.2. Additional License Terms. The following additional license terms apply your use of the Product(s):

1.2.1 Students. If you are registered as a student, you may use Products solely for purposes directly related to your law school coursework including pro bono and public service programs, minimal law school-paid stipend work, public internships or externships that are part of your graduation requirements. Any use in connection with your employment outside of the law school is prohibited unless expressly authorized in this document.

1.2.2 Post-graduation.

A. All Graduates You will have access to,, TWEN and job searching databases on Westlaw through the end of the 18th month after your graduation.

B. Grad Elite Extension

i. Grade Elite Standard Extension. Prior to graduation and up until the 6th month after your graduation date, you can extend your Product access the purposes of bar preparation. Your extended access will conclude at the end of the 6th month after your graduation date. Use of your extended access for any commercial purpose is strictly prohibited.

ii. Grade Elite Practice Ready Extension. If your school subscribes to Practice Ready, prior to graduation and up until the 18th month after your graduation date, you can extend your Product access, with the exception of West LegalEdCenter and Firm Central. Your extended access will conclude at the end of the 18th month after your graduation date. Use of your extended access for commercial purposes is permitted. Should your school cancel their Practice Ready subscription, your extension shall revert to the standard extension.

a. West LegalEdCenter Access. You are licensed for non-credit continuing legal education credit access to and use of West LegalEdCenter for up to 12 months after your graduation.

b. Firm Central Access.Your access to Firm Central will expire upon graduation unless you are participating in a post-graduate school-sponsored incubator program.

1.2.3 Personnel. If you are law school personnel, you may use our Products in the preparation of your academic writings prepared during the course of your regular curriculum. Any further distribution is prohibited without our written permission. If you are full time law school personnel and your school subscribes to Practice Ready, you are also licensed to full access and use of West LegalEdcenter for continuing legal education credit. West LegalEdcenter through the law school's Practice Ready subscription is not available to adjunct faculty, part time law school personnel or staff.

1.2.4 License Limitations. You may not: (i) sell, sublicense, distribute, display, store, copy, modify, decompile or disassemble, reverse engineer, translate or transfer our property in whole or in part, or as a component of any other product, service or material; (ii) use our property or our third party providers' property to create any derivative works or competitive products; (iii) allow any third parties to access, use or benefit from our property in any way; or (iv) use any technology to automatically download, mine, scrape or index our data or use any other means to discern the source code of our Product(s).

1.2.5 Responsibility for Certain Matters. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your password. Sharing passwords is strictly prohibited. We may issue a new password to you from time to time and may cancel any prior password.

1.3. Reservation of Rights. We may modify these terms and conditions at any time. We may impose usage limitations on Product access and/or offline transmission limits.

1.4 ProView eBook License Terms. If the law school subscribes to ProView eBooks, the ProView eBook license allows you to download the ProView eBooks to your mobile devices and access the eBook content online. We may terminate your license including notes and annotations if we lose the right to offer the eBook content, discontinue the ProView software, or are otherwise unable to offer eBook content. We may provide the content to you in another media format if commercially reasonable. We may update your eBook version if necessary, to maintain access to the content. Sharing of registration keys or passwords is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


2.1. TWEN License. We grant you the right to access and use, at no charge, TWEN, and data made available on TWEN and data and information provided by TWEN users. You may use TWEN only for educational purposes. Any other use, including any use in connection with your employment outside of the law school, is strictly prohibited.

2.1.1 Right to Use. YOU RETAIN ALL RIGHTS (INCLUDING COPYRIGHTS) IN YOUR DATA AND INFORMATION PROVIDED ON TWEN. We may use your TWEN data for testing, file maintenance and similar purposes in connection with TWEN and our related products and services. Other TWEN users can use your TWEN data only as provided in these terms and conditions, unless you include a notice granting greater rights to your TWEN data.

2.1.2 Your Uploaded Documents in Westlaw. You may upload your own documents into a Westlaw including Practical Law folders. You may add notes to your foldered documents and share documents with other Westlaw users. Hyperlinks will allow access to Westlaw content included in the Westlaw user's subscription. Upon termination of this agreement, you may export your uploaded documents, and other Westlaw users with whom you have shared your documents can continue to use and further share your documents.

2.1.3 Upload and Posting Restrictions. You agree not to upload or post (i) any data, information, messages or other materials that you do not have the right to distribute or the provision of which violates the proprietary rights of others; (ii) any data, information, messages or other material that is defamatory, violates another person's or entity's privacy, publicity or other rights, or is obscene, harassing, threatening or offensive; or (iii) any data file that contains viruses or other harmful, disruptive or destructive components. We trace anonymous postings that violate this section. We may release your name to your law school if your anonymous posting violates this section.

2.1.4 TWEN Notice. Law school course administrators may monitor your usage of TWEN for their courses. For example, course administrators may access information such as the number of times TWEN is accessed, the content accessed, and postings made to discussion forums from your account. By using TWEN, you consent to this observation. If you have any questions about how course administrator uses the statistical tools in TWEN, you should talk to that course administrator.

2.1.5 Data Expungement. All data, including information provided by users, may be expunged one year after deactivation of your registration key or one year after account deactivation, suspension or termination.

2.1.6 Multimedia Data Expungement. All uploaded multimedia files may be expunged within three years of posting regardless of the source of the post.

2.2. Use of TWEN.

2.2.1 Use of TWEN Data, Users Data on TWEN. You may print out and download insubstantial amounts of TWEN data, users' data on TWEN content only for your own use, for review of these materials in hard copy form or for incorporation of portions of these materials in your work product, appropriately cited and credited.

2.2.2 Online Notices. Certain TWEN data, users' data on TWEN, and Westlaw data is subject to different license terms, as identified by online notices. To the extent additional permission is required for use of these materials, you must send a written request (indicating the content or data at issue and the purposes for which you would like to use it) to Copyright Services at or via fax at 651/687-7551.

2.2.3 Limited Distribution of TWEN Data and Users' Data on TWEN. You may occasionally distribute electronic copies or printouts of individual documents of TWEN data and users' data on TWEN for informational purposes only to a limited number of third parties (for example, if you are employed by a law school, to a few other law school professors at the same law school or, if you are a student, to a few other students at your aw school). Copyright and other source-identification notices must be retained on the transmitted or printed items.

2.2.4 Restrictions. You may not sell, license or use TWEN data, users' data on TWEN as a component of any commercial material. You may not permanently store entire documents of TWEN data, users' data on TWEN for subsequent retrieval. You may not share documents, web feeds or channels that include full or summarized text plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship.

2.2.5. Title. All right, title and interest in TWEN and TWEN data are our exclusive property or that of our third-party providers.

2.2.6. No Endorsement. We are not responsible for (i) users' data on TWEN; (ii) any third- party products and services made available through TWEN; or (iii) data, information, files and other materials included at any third-party Internet sites accessed by a link or URL provided on TWEN. Statements and opinions expressed by forum facilitators or our other employees (except for our authorized spokespersons) are not necessarily our views or endorsements. We are not providing legal advice. Your interpretations are your own for which you have full responsibility.

3. Information for California Users Only. Under California Civil Code Section 1789.3, we are required to provide the following information: (a) The provider of, TWEN and Products is West Publishing Corporation, 610 Opperman Drive, St. Paul, Minnesota 55123, telephone 1-800/514-4111; (b) TWEN charges are currently waived for your use if you use TWEN for educational purposes (see paragraph 2.1 above); and, (c) The Consumer Affairs Center of the California Department of Consumer Affairs may be reached at 400 R. Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, telephone 1-916/445-1254.

4. and and are Internet-based services that provide access to Products and TWEN. We grant you a non-exclusive, nontransferable, limited license to use and You may not use any means to discern the source code of Westlaw (including, or TWEN. The performance of and varies with the manufacturers' equipment with which it is used.

5. Modifications. We may, at any time without notice, amend these terms and conditions and modify, enhance or delete content, products and services. You will be notified of the amended or new terms online. The new terms will be effective immediately upon posting.

6. No Assignment. You may not assign, sublicense or otherwise transfer these terms and conditions or any part of it (including your password or registration key) to a third party without our prior written consent.

7. Term and Termination. These terms and conditions will be effective upon your first access to Products by means of your password or registration key and will terminate as follows: (i) for students who are enrolled in an authorized class, at the time you complete or otherwise terminate your enrollment in the class; (ii) for personnel, when your employment with the law school terminates; (iii) for graduates from Practice Ready law schools, at the end of the 18th month after your graduation date; or (iv) for graduates from all other law schools you will have access to and job searching databases on Westlaw through the end of the 18th month after your graduation day. Access to Westlaw, other than job searching databases, will cease at the end of the 6th month after your graduation.

You may terminate these terms and conditions at any time by giving us notice by United States mail to Thomson Reuters Law School Programs, 610 Opperman Drive, P.O. Box 64833, St. Paul, Minnesota 55123- 1396 and ceasing all use of Products, your password or registration key, and/or We may terminate these terms and conditions at any time by revoking your password or registration key. In addition, these terms and conditions will terminate automatically upon any termination of the law school's Product(s) subscription agreement or TWEN Agreement. Except for the opportunity to export your uploaded documents as stated in paragraph 2.1.2 above, upon any termination of these terms and conditions, your password or registration key will automatically be revoked.

8. Applicable Law. These terms and conditions will be interpreted under Minnesota state law. Any claim by one of us may be brought in the state or federal courts in Minnesota.