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Westlaw® tools help you produce the best possible publication. Contact your school's Westlaw Account Manager to learn how you can put West Products to work, and to schedule advanced Westlaw training customized for your staff.

Integration Solutions
Increase the efficiency and productivity of your publication. With Integration Solutions, you can create a direct access channel to the Westlaw legal, news and business information that you staff most needs.

With KeyCite, you can verify instantly whether the cases, statutes, administrative decisions, and regulations cited in your article are good law. When writing you article, use KeyCite to find citing references that support and strengthen your legal argument.

Westlaw ResultsPlus jump-starts your legal research. Go directly to relevant ALR® articles and AmJur® annotations from your case-law or statute search result.

Westlaw StatutesPlus simplifies online statute research, combining book-like indexing, browsing and viewing with links to everything that discusses your statute. Now you can find, verify, read and interpret statutes with amazing efficiency.

The West Education Network® (TWEN®)
Use TWEN as a virtual office to coordinate the management, communication and organization of your publication. Send group email, post documents, schedule meetings, and more. For more information, click on the TWEN menu bar above, or contact your Westlaw Account Manager.

Are the citations in your article "good law"? Do you know the full history of each citation? How about statutes, pending legislation, regulations and court rules? Before you submit your article, use WestCheck for instant access to all this information.

WestCiteLink is a FREE software application that automatically finds all of the legal citations in your article and creates links to the full-text versions on Westlaw®. Contact you Account Manager to learn how you can use WestCiteLink to increase your publication's royalties.

Use WestClip to track automatically the latest developments concerning your article topic, and to monitor citations to your publication.

West Reporter Images
Imagine never again having to photocopy a case from a West Reporter volume. Now you can with West Reporter Images. Find your case on Westlaw, then click the West Reporter Image (PDF) link, and print it without ever leaving your desk!

NOTE: Because the West Reporter Images service uses a PDF format, you will be unable to print to Westlaw stand-alone printers (STP). If given a message that indicates additional charges will be incurred, please disregard. Students are not charged for this service.