Discover the Westlaw universe of interrelated and hyperlinked features, services, and content through interactive tutorials and other educational resources.

Interactive Tours and Tutorials
  • Using Westlaw - The 13 short interactive lessons that comprise Using Westlaw demonstrate how Westlaw sets the standard for the quality, accuracy and depth of information available online.
  • Research Exercises on Westlaw - Learn and practice new research skills while you are live on Westlaw.
  • KeyCite interactive tutorial leads you through a fast-paced look at the most current, accurate and comprehensive way of seeing if a case or statute is good law.
  • KeySearch interactive tutorial shows you how to point and click your way through topics and subtopics to find a specific issue and then run a pre-formulated search based on that issue in the database you choose.

  • Brief-It! provides just what you need to quickly understand the procedural history, the central holding, the legal issues addressed in your case, and whether your case is still good law.

Overview of Westlaw
  • Overview of Westlaw explains the 6 basic tasks that will be most essential to your research on Westlaw

Using Westlaw to Research Courses

Smart Tools Video
  • Smart Tools On Westlaw allows you to get your desired results without building an expert query - just watch and learn about the power of Smart Tools.

Stress Toy Video
  • Stress Toy No one ever plans to abuse stress toys. But it happens anyway. Westlaw┬« is doing something to prevent the needless suffering.

WestCheck® Video
  • Is your document good to go? Are all the citations still good law? Be certain with WestCheck.comTM.

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