Discover the Westlaw universe through educations tools, overviews, and illustrations that will enhance and expedite your legal research.

Legal Research Basics
Legal Research Basics includes an interactive Federal Circuit map, a National Reporter map, the West legal research pyramid, and a glossary of legal terms.

Basic Search Strategies
Basic Search Strategies explains how to perform the 6 most fundamental research tasks on Westlaw.

Primary Research
Primary Research gives you basic information on case law and statutory law, the sources of mandatory American law. KeyCite, which checks the status of primary law, is also included in this section.

Secondary Research
Secondary Research gives you information about the great wealth of secondary source materials on Westlaw, including the ALR, Am Jur 2d, CJS, forms, and practice guides.

Topical Research
Topical Research provides information on how to research Civil Procedure, Contract, Criminal, Property, and Tort Law issues. Topical Research also includes International Law databases.