Drafting Assistant Essential

Draft your legal documents with confidence.  

Do you need to generate a Table of Authorities, format citations, or confirm that your cited authority is still valid?  This cloud-based resource enables you to do all that and more in minutes.      

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Insert Table of Authorities

SAVE TIME.  Generate a properly categorized and custom formatted list of references from your legal document in minutes.   Allowing you to spend your time where it matters.   

Format Your Citations 

BE EFFICIENT.  Citation Format reviews all of the legal citations in your document and suggests the correct citation format - including Bluebook and Jurisdiction specific formats.  Feel confident that your work product is polished before turning it in. 

WestCheck Your Citations and Create Status Reports

BE ACCURATE.  With WestCheck you can verify the status of citations extracted from your document while checking the accuracy of quotations with QuoteRight.  To ensure you are working with current citations, create a KeyCite Status Report to monitor and update a legal document. These are helpful whether you are starting from the beginning, repurposing a colleague's work product, or checking on opponent's argument.   

Avoid Errors with Deal Proof

BE CONFIDENT.  Avoid contract-drafting errors, cut proofreading time in half, and produce documents reflecting the latest market practices.  Let Deal Proof scan your transactional legal document in seconds, alerting you to errors, inconsistencies, missing information, and more!   

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