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Working on a paper?  Need to compare law between countries, time frames, etc?  Taking or teaching a survey course?  Expand your research with specialty content on Westlaw.     

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Westlaw China  

The world has gone global, and Westlaw China gives you access to the laws of one of the fastest growing most influential markets by providing helpful cases and journals, translated and organized to help you find what you need.  

Tribal Law 

Researching a tribal issue? This resource is perfect for anyone who needs to conduct historical and modern research covering tribal law by accessing cases, codes, and treatises from numerous tribes.  

Rise of American Law 

Over 1,700 historic and rare treatises that formed the foundation of American law from 1840 to 1970. The set includes Treatises, Histories, Legal Encyclopedias, Jurisprudence, Commentaries, International Law.  

International Analytical 

Working on an international issue?  Look no further than these international secondary sources from high-profile authors covering international agreements, securities, customs laws, trade, document authentication, intellectual property rights, litigation, and arbitration.