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Master the essentials of thorough, efficient research on Westlaw® with convenient online and in-person training!

Advanced Westlaw Certification and Topical Seminars help you perform better in law school and gain confidence in your research abilities. "Westlaw Certified" is an impressive addition to your resume, demonstrating your willingness to go the extra mile to gain the skills employers need. And WestlawRewards Points make these programs even more rewarding.

Start with Advanced Westlaw Certification, which offers three core classes essential to every law student: Advanced Case Law Research, Advanced Statutory Research, and Advanced Secondary Source Research. Complete these three classes either in-person or online (see below).

After you pass the related quizzes, you may add "Westlaw Certified" to your resume and show potential employers that you are a serious researcher.

Once you complete the requirements for the Advanced Westlaw Certification courses, add to your knowledge with online Topical Seminars. These seminars delve deeply into specialized areas of the law where specialized searching techniques may be critical. Seminars include Tax, Trademark, Patent, International Law, Bankruptcy, Environment, Employment, and Litigation law and materials on Westlaw.

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I have already taken in-person training and want to take the quiz(zes).

Learn more about ONLINE Advanced Westlaw Certification training.

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