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ENHANCEMENT Participant and Usage Tracking - Aggregate Course Activity Report provides a summary tab of course activity by feature. Additionally, you can see activity at the feature level broken down by student.

NEW Sign-Up Sheet - Exporting is now available.

Enhancement Calendar on TWEN and has been enhanced to provide an improved calendaring experience.

USER SUPPORT - Academic Account Manager TWEN Questions - 1-800-486-4876 - Send Email TWEN Comments - Send Email TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - 1-800-850-9378 - Send Email


TWEN Access
Contact your Academic Account Manager to request a Westlaw password for TWEN.

Guest Password
If you want to be added to an existing TWEN course, request a guest password from the course administrator.

Create a Course
Persons with a Westlaw Faculty password can create courses on TWEN. Students who wish to create courses for school groups or study groups should contact their Academic Account Manager.

Course Duration
A course remains on TWEN until the administrator deletes it. The administrator also can update a course or archive it for future use.

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